Thursday, April 2, 2009

demon love

before we love, we must love love
before we love love we must
chase demons
up skyscrapers
down coffins
across dreams
near annihilated beauty
--the consequence of breathing backward--
and into fridges

think in cold abstract terms

understand that demons are vulnerable
then stutter and sigh


  1. these are just my messy, messy, messy thoughts.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful mess! :)

  3. Zeinab, I am poetically challenged and cannot make sense of your words but they are lovely and haunting and majestic nonetheless. Reading them is like getting a whiff of fresh spring air through the screen of the window in my office while I sit at my computer typing.

  4. well said Kathleen for the this and the post after this.

  5. aww thanks Kathleen and Aso!!
    Lol, well, I don't know if this well make much sense, but my poetry attempts to explain particular emotions that I feel are almost indescribable through language and so the only way in which i can describe them is by disrupting language, albeit through language. So, it's only successful if a particular emotion comes across to my reader, even if the meaning of the poem gets lost (lol, yes, they do have some sort of rationale).