Friday, January 27, 2012

the absence of feeling

desultory neurons bellowing
names names names
empty raindrops sinking
corpses corpses corpses
wooden bench wasting
shadows shadows shadows


  1. Very interesting. Is it a poet? nice blog,nice topic, and nice name.

    If you want follow me or

  2. Oo,It;s hot .I mean to say quite good.

    Glad to have you back,babe.

  3. Shadows <3
    I've missed your posts.

  4. Thanks so much Izdiher! Glad to hear from you too!

    Ovais, merci! Likewise! I always look forward to your comments. :)

  5. just like Ovais, I've missed your posts. Nice one btw even though I have no idea what it's about :p

    Have you ever considered making a post of what inspires to write these poems? :)

  6. Thanks! There are always several readings to what I've written, so I'm sure you have some idea!

    Perhaps someday I will. But i don't think there's anyway to articulate why I write what I write. All i can say i write these poems, if they are poems, as a means of, paradoxically in this instance, to illustrate my current state of feelings. I say illustrate because i want to create concrete images that intimate my emotions.

    Thanks for all of your comments! Sorry for my absence and that I haven't been able to comment as often on your blogs--school can be quite over-whelming.