Sunday, August 28, 2011

double effect

Every memory is a resurrection: every return yields a potential for insurrection.


  1. Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
    Oscar Wilde

  2. like aman i think this is awesomely written too :D And what you said is true.

  3. ^What she said. :P

    Memories are what we rely on when we take decisions. But what if we lose our memories?

  4. Thanks for the kind comments all!

    Ovais: how do we even know that the memories we have are real? What I tried to suggest with this line is that with remembering we're always reconstructing something, reviving it, but also there's a some sort of revolt that may lead to a destruction. Building and destroying are both central to remembering. Some memories should be lost, but I think the loss of memory is never permanent, it'll come back, somehow, even if just for a fraction of a minute.

  5. Then that's like Inception and the Matrix!

    But otherwise.. the mind removes some memories which are too tough for it to handle and doesn't let the conscious mind access it. Learnt that in psychology.

  6. Thanks for the comment, Ifra! As long as they're sweet, not bitter. :)

    You know what Ovais, I haven't watched _Inception_ yet, but I have watched the _Matrix_ and really enjoyed it.

    In effect, we repress memories that we can't handle and trauma arises when such memories resurface. trauma victims tend to return to these moments, and Freud refers to this as the "death drive," which is opposed to the pleasure principle that he had believed governs our lives.

  7. You Googled that.
    Yes, you googled that. I feel better now, since I wrote that from memory. :P

    You need to watch Inception. It really is related to your post. :)

  8. Thanks, Asma!

    Ovais, I probably should watch it sometime when I have time. Lol, in fact, I did write that from memory. I recently read Freud's _Beyond the Pleasure Principle_ and will be tested on it. :)

  9. Hey my sweet Zeno,you deserve award too, because you are so lovely :).

    I love you !

    Want you to shine more ,more and more:).

  10. salam. Long time, no post. I hope everything is fine at your end. =)
    Much love.

  11. Thanks, Dilsha!

    Aman, thanks for checking up on me. You're very sweet. I hope you are well! XOXO