Thursday, August 11, 2011

lifeless life

I shall write whatever comes to mind just to force myself to write.

Lifeless life. Beneath the light we find shadows lurking, moving, evading. Within this shadow is an other, a self, seeking a lost love object. Dark shadow manifests with light a blurring of shades. This lifeless life is indeed alive awaiting to ascribe meaning when it sees none.


  1. Aww =( well i guess When a person is feeling his most brokenhearted, he's really capable of writing something really awesome. :)
    Look at the brighter side of life, it'll start making sense =)
    Stay blessed xx

  2. You could write a poem with this..

  3. Aman! You're so sweet! When I wrote this I was influence by what I read during the day, which is a chapter by the feminst psychoanalyst Kristeva from her book _Black Sun_.

    Ovais, perhaps I should! (: