Sunday, October 16, 2011


Past Midnight
I strive for clarity, always
walking the empty streets to find simplicity:
rummaging every corner beneath the outstretched skies
lifting the dancing dust to expose the fissures of human consciousness
uncovering eye lids and pot bellies below cherry trees and uncut grass
passing sinking ships or swinging hearts of lost souls, beggars, or artists
but, I fear in my straightjacket I cannot erase the raw names, promised lands, cold faces that clutter my mind.


  1. You can't change everything, no.
    But every little makes a difference.

  2. As always, you leave me with nothing else to say than that I love the way you write. I'm sorry I have nothing better or thought provoking to say than that ;ppp

  3. Thanks, Asma! :)

    Ovais, I agree. But I think I seek clarity more than change and maybe that's where the problem lies. (:

    Aman, thanks for reading! <3, your comments mean so much to me and you do always have something to say, often inspiring. I'm certainly glad to have you as a reader! <3