Saturday, July 16, 2011

another dream, full of twists this time.

I thought I`d record another dream I had, this time, however, it was a bit more odd. At the same time, I`m prone to having weird, but vivid, dreams. It`s going to sound like a clichéd movie, so brace yourself. It was dark outside as I entered a new city only to be met with a row of cars where the windows were covered with patches of crimson red, for the passengers and drivers dead. It was a horrific scene, but I wasn't afraid. It turns out there was an experiment being conducted whose effects were horrific, tragic, and beyond anyone`s calculations. There are some survivors it seems, and as I wait a driver in a jeep stops and I get in, but the passenger seat is too narrow for me, and I feel myself squished, uncomfortable, almost suffocating. Suddenly, we arrive at a food market where all the survivors had gone to eat. Yet, I hear some child complaining that they eat things differently here, and, for whatever reason, I note a cereal box with almonds in it thinking to myself that that wasn`t so odd.
The second part of my dream consists of me listening to a woman describe how she`d met her lover, who happened to be a superhero, by the way. There had been two superheroes standing next to each other on top of a building, she explains, and she had pushed one and fell with him, and with that fall, they both fell in love. He happened to be a British superhero with a bit of acne.

Very odd, indeed.


  1. Hey, Zeinab,
    Your way you writing is so amazing . Everything you write is something inspirational .This post is also very beautiful,mash Allah.

    Reading you previous two post I missed .Just busy .

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog .Can not disagree with you about them .You said well :).I am so thankful you read them and gave your two cent freely .

    Have a good day ,doll.

  2. Thanks so much Izdiher!

    Your words truly encourage me :). You're too kind!

    I'm also thankful you read my posts and, as always, I enjoy reading yours.

    Best wishes

  3. Oh, babe.They are so lovely .I am not kissing up. You are kind too.