Sunday, July 17, 2011

Here goes another dream: pale strangers

I begin watching a movie in medias res: a young girl waiting for a train with an elderly man standing close to her; he is dressed in a suit with a hat covering his eyes and grey hair falling to his shoulders. I fear that this man wants to kidnap her, because even with their proximity, I could tell they were strangers. As the train stops and they begin to enter, I also merge into the movie and enter with them. I note that the young girl with blond hair is approaching a group of three other girls, a bit older than her as they appear to be in their early teens, they also have blond hair, but much shorter than hers. She tells them that she wants to live as they do. I am struck and puzzled by her request. What does this mean? What are the implications of her request? Can one choose to live as an other? Upon closer inspection, I notice the girls have an otherworldly paleness. I'm disconcerted and suddenly cold. I begin to worry as to how she’ll survive and how they’ve been surviving.

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