Thursday, July 21, 2011

what freaks me out?

Well, many things, but lately it has been critters, whether strange or familiar. They freak me out and appal me. My place, being extremely old, attracts strange bugs and insects particularly in the summer. It’s one thing to see them outdoors, but in doors is a completely different matter. If I see a fly, it must either leave the house or I spray it with Clorox bleach. Last night there was a flying ant in my place and, for whatever reason, it completely freaked me out that if it flew in my direction I would jump out of the way and freeze momentarily. I embarked on a journey to kill it; yes, I’ve become a ruthless bug killer. I feel badly about killing them, but they truly freak me out. The worst I’ve seen was an earwig, didn’t even know the name of it until I looked it up. Earwigs are creepy. I sprayed my entire place (being a very tiny as I live in a bachelor or more properly called a studio) with bleach and Lysol and told my landlord about the earwigs (because I saw a few). Imagine that. Thankfully, I saw none today or I would’ve sprayed my entire place with the bug-spray my landlord bought. I’m not normally a squeamish person, but I jump and my heart races when i see them in my place, particularly because I’m so careful to keep it clean. It even goes further, I dream of these critters with their red eyes and hairy bodies. My apologies for what I’m going to share, because it’s disturbing, but I dreamt, I had a nightmare to be more precise, that tiny black worms came out of my foot. Why should I dream of this? It was disturbing, disgusting, and dreadful. Bugs, insects, they make me nervous. Some times it seems that I have a warped imagination.


  1. Same story here ,LOL. Bugs freak me out too. But they don't bus me anymore .heheh . Kinda bore with me. My cousins stay at my place and they bugged them . ehehhehhe.

  2. Aha lucky you, lol.
    My cousins live in a different city, so that option is ruled out for me.
    I should be asleep right now as it is 4:40 am, but I saw a flying insect that appeared huge. It is hiding now, and I can't seem to fall asleep until I can get rid of it. Ah how pathetic of me, but I can't help it.

  3. Hope this flying insect doesn't bite you .God save us from them :).

    Good night