Saturday, July 9, 2011

my grandma`s passing

Death is always a difficult issue to talk about. It’s bewildering, foreign, and not something I can easily rationalize. It’s inevitable, of course. Yet, sometimes we’re selfish that we’d want to extend the person’s life, even when we realize he/she is suffering. In the morning, I heard the terrible news of my grandma passing. I knew of her illness and that her days were dwindling down, but it’s always a shock to hear. The tears didn’t flow right away, because sometimes it takes time to realize what you’ve just heard—that the last time you say this person will be marked as the last time you’ll ever see this person that you hold so dear. Let me tell you about my grandma for a bit, if you’d met her you would’ve fallen in love with her. She was kind to everyone, even strangers. She had so many virtues, all of which i can’t recount. Overall, she was a good person with a tender heart. She never upset anyone and spent her life giving. Her passing is loss for the entire family and every single person who’d come into contact with her. Even though she didn’t live the easiest life, this never made her a hard person, but always forgiving, understanding, and a joy to be around. Allah yer7mek ya tata wh yej3al matheek el janneh!

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