Friday, July 15, 2011

a dream

It was a somewhat hazy dreams, as dreams usually are, though the main topic being going out. It was a mundane dream, but yet I`m curious as to how it may be interpreted. It consisted of several stages, but in stage 1, apparently i had taken too long to meet up with my friend, not that I was busy getting ready, but rather I was preoccupied with chores, that they had left. However, finally, when I do met up with my friend, one of the friends, we are at a cash register and said friend is about to pay when i note that the bill she`s carrying is counterfeit. I expose the fact that it`s counterfeit not to embarrass X, but rather to avoid the discovery by a stranger that may provoke hostility. At the same time, in the dream I was also aware that X`s not completely at fault for having counterfeit bill and that someone else was behind them.
What could this mean? Am I exposing a friend's duplicity? Am I question the concept of friendship?

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